Flexibility of wire rope and wire rope which factors have

1, different materials, different softness: better material than ordinary stainless steel, soft and gentle. 316:304 soft, 304:202, 201, is a little better without, 201 and galvanized than soft; the soft low carbon and high carbon, such as 304L than a 304 soft.

Number 2, different, softness: the number directly affects the softness of the stainless steel wire rope. Number of cases equal to the diameter of stainless steel wire rope, its soft lot less flexibility than the number of shares. 7*19 0.8mm steel wire rope is much better than 7*7 0.8mm the softness of steel wire rope (probably about 5 times), soft 7*7 wire rope 1*7 rope a lot. Meanwhile, the softer the better fatigue resistance of stainless steel wire rope, but the worse the wear resistance. Therefore, the shares are factors having the greatest effect of stainless steel wire rope softness. Different strands in the practical application, to be a good choice, in full measure the structure, due to the different structure of the tensile strength of wire rope in the practical application of some of the differences, according to the actual situation when they so choose to buy!

3 different softness, stainless steel wire rope, applicable industry is different. Recommendations when you buy stainless steel wire rope, from materials and shares two ways to analyze the softness of the stainless steel wire rope, to choose the most suitable product, avoiding unnecessary investment.