how to order wire rope

how to order steel wire rope

In ordering steel wire rope, you are requested to give us complete information as specified below:


 a. Purpose: For which rope will be used.


b. Size: Diameter of the rope in millimeter or inches


c. Construction: Number of strands, number of wires per strand and type of strand construction.


d. Type of Core: Fiber core( FC), independent wire rope core(IWRC) or independent wire strand core(IWSC).


e. Lay: Right regular lay, left regular lay, right lang lay, left lang lay.


 f. Coating: Bright(ungalvanized), galvanized or stainless, PVC or Grease.


 g. Grade of wire: Tensile strength of wires.


 h. Breaking Load: Minimum or calculated breaking load in tones or pounds.


i. Lubrication: Whether lubrication is desired or not, and required lubricant.


j. Length: Length of wire rope.


k. Packing: In coils wrapped with oil paper and hessian(orp.p) cloth, or on wooden reels.


l. Quantity: By number of coils or reels, by length or weight.


m. Remarks: Shipping marks and any other special requirement.