Pressing joint of aluminum alloy and its characteristics

At present, has a wide range of aluminium alloy compression joints for connection, concrete structure is a combination of wire rope ends a corrosion-resistant aluminum-magnesium alloy casing, casing external pressurized to make it plastic deformation at room temperature. Packed between the wire strands of aluminum-magnesium alloy, aluminum-magnesium alloy and steel wire ropes and wire rope and wire rope between the friction under axial load

Wire rope aluminum joint of features following: (1) combined strength high, in wire rope broken percentage aluminum sets also not sliding out; (2) can reduced wire rope of loaded clip allowance, save wire rope, for more root short wire rope of end Department fixed, effect is significantly; (3) due to with anti-lure of aluminum filling in wire rope unit Zhijian, makes corrosion sex media cannot invaded, to extended has wire rope of using life; (4) process simple, and production efficiency high, can reduce workers installation Shi of intensity; (5) volume small, Light weight, attractive appearance.

Because of the wire rope structure size range, nominal diameter of the same structure, core material with a different section of wire rope full metal (the area ratio of the cross-sectional area of the genus with a nominal diameter of circumscribed circle). Using the same size and thickness of aluminum homes set out different tube diameter for compression joints for failure analysis of aluminum alloy at home and abroad not much research. In order to promote the development of domestic technology of wire rope end connections. Expansion of aluminium alloy compression joints in steel rope applications. Research on failure of aluminium alloy compression joints is necessary. Study of fracture failure on one of the most dangerous more practical significance.