Safe use of wire rope slings

1, no identification and testing of a certificate or report of the sling, put into use is strictly prohibited.

2, routine inspections should be carried out before use, so that find wire rope or damage exceeds the discard criteria is strictly prohibited in the vicinity of metal put into use.

3, Sling Super loads use is strictly prohibited.

4 angle, hook-head sling ropes must not be greater than 120 degrees. Special devices of metal accessories such as chains, hooks, rings, slings, shackles connected with each other, the rated load shall be equal. Lifting slings smooth and impact loads should be avoided.

5, take effective measures to avoid wire rope on the sharp bend or collide with load. Prohibits dragging or throw fell down from the upper wire rope slings. Shall not exceed the temperature range of-40 degrees and 100 degrees outside. Shall not be exposed to corrosive gases, liquids or vapours.

6, deactivate more than half a year (including half a year) again using ropes, should be tested before use, check before use; the storage period of over two years of wire rope slings must be according to national standard sample for tensile testing, qualified before put into use.