Wire rope press hydraulic oil pollution damage

In the hydraulic system of wire rope press, looks like very clean oil, possibly suspended a large number of small particles of steel wire rope press machine will have a greater impact on the performance of the system, oil contamination of hydraulic pressure machine there are a lot of harm.

(1) the envoys of pollutants flow valve orifice and pressure shutoff time, cause the system working pressure and speed changes from time to time, easily lead to wire rope press pressure instability in the process of pressing steel wire rope sling, Sling quality standards.

(2) will accelerate the wire rope press hydraulic pumps and motors, valves and other components of sports wear, causing internal leakage increases, resulting in reduced efficiency of hydraulic system, shorten component life. (3) mixed with hydraulic oil in the water corrodes metal and can accelerate the decay of hydraulic oil.

(4) impurities if the oil filter is obstructed, and result in insufficient hydraulic pump suction, motor seals of wear accelerated, thereby reducing the performance of the hydraulic system; if the oil or oil oil filter plug will void the oil filter, contaminants from entering the hydraulic system.

(5) the dirt sliding valve clearance, may make the slide valve is stuck and lead implementing agency movement out of control or other failures.