Wire rope slings discard criteria

1, heavy rings of total number of wire broken connection 5%;

2, the number of broken wires in one lay length for the total 13% of silk;

Unit 3, rope breaks;

4, the nominal diameter of the wire rope diameter reduction over 10%;

5, when there is a wave-shaped deformation, in wire rope length does not exceed 25D within D1>=4d/3, d--nominal diameter of the wire rope, D1--envelope after deformation of the wire rope diameter;

6, the wire rope is compressed;

7, twisting, bending;

8, corroded wire rope;

9, heavy ring joints, steel wire rope loose or dislocated;

10, and compression joints for damage, deformation, cracks and corrosion;

11, compression joints for narrowing in diameter GB6946 diameter 95% listed in table 1;

12, wire rope slings of metal scrap in the annex standard, according to the relevant provisions of the national standard.

13, lifting operations the use of frequent fatigue of steel wire rope sling, use scrap should be mandatory in two years.