Antirust Of Galvanized Steel Wire Rope

  Antirust of galvanized steel wire rope

  Galvanized steel wire Rope with galvanized steel wire rope as raw material after processing, mainly for lifting, traction, stretching and load rope sling is called rope. Light steel galvanized steel wire rope with high strength, weight, flat, not easy to suddenly complete and broken characteristics, widely used in steel, chemical, transportation and port industry. Galvanized steel wire rope, galvanized steel wire, stainless steel galvanized steel wire rope and smooth wire rope are used in the variety of zinc-plated wire rope.

  In the workplace, such as galvanized steel wire rope wet or outdoor environment using galvanized steel wire rope can be used as raw material to improve anti-rust performance.

  Galvanized steel wire Rope hanging Sogang wear, to a large extent due to the bypass hook and repeated bending when the crane caused metal fatigue is gradually broken, in addition to hook or suspend and galvanized steel wire rope diameter ratio is to determine the galvanized steel wire rope with the important life.

  Galvanized steel wire rope wear and corrosion of the surface layer or the number of broken wires per screw in the specified value should be abolished.

  Galvanized steel wire Rope is mainly used for lifting, pulling and other transport of high-strength lines, in the use of the crane is strictly prohibited under or after the object.