Braided Wire Rope A Common Weaving Product

The type of woven wire rope

Wire rope is a common weaving products, available knitting machine, joint machine for production.

Wire rope is a lot of root diameter of 0.3 ~ 3mm high-strength carbon steel wire first twisted into shares, and then a number of shares around the rope core twisted into a rope. There are many types of wire rope, according to the twist method can be divided into the left with the twist, the right with the twist, the left twist twist, the right cross twist four kinds of lifting operations commonly used in the right twist wire rope.

According to the different material of steel wire core can be divided into Ma core, asbestos core and metal core three, lifting operations often use Ma core wire rope, Ma core impregnated with lubricants, from the reduction of rope and wire between the friction and The role of corrosion.

According to the wire rope and the number of silk can be divided into different 6 × 19,6 × 37 and 6 × 61 three kinds of lifting operations are the most commonly used 6 × 19 and 6 × 37 wire rope.

According to the different surface treatment of steel wire can be divided into two kinds of smooth and galvanized, lifting operations commonly used smooth steel wire rope.

According to the wire rope structure classification, can be divided into point contact rope, wire contact rope and surface contact rope.

The wire of each layer of the point contact rope is the same diameter, but the pitch of each layer is different. Therefore, the wire is crossed to form a point contact, and the contact stress is high at work, and the wire is easy to wear and break, but its manufacturing process is simple.

Wire contact rope within the wire thickness of different wire, the fine wire placed in the groove of thick steel wire, the thickness of the wire between the line into contact with the state. As the wire contact wire rope contact stress is small, long rope life, while increasing flexibility. As the line contact wire rope is more compact, so the same diameter of the wire rope, wire contact rope breaking tension larger. The wire with the same diameter of the same wire is also the wire contact rope.

Surface contact with the rope within the wire shape of a special shape, the use of special-shaped section of steel wire, wire between the surface contact. Its advantages are smooth appearance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, can withstand greater lateral force; but the price is expensive, it can only be used in special occasions.