Braided Wire Rope How To Distinguish Between 13 Buckle And 16 Buckle Difference

Flat wire rope has a variety of structures, but no matter what kind of structure, which sub-rope by the four pairs of twisted wire rope composition, the difference is the number of sub-rope is different; or sub-rope the same number of shares and different structure; The number of shares and the structure of the shares are not the same.

1. Flat wire rope with absolute non-rotation, the length of the unit weight, is the only large modern mine to meet the requirements of the balance rope rope.

2. Wire cross-section of the same, the flat rope with the smallest rope round rope, lifting equipment, the lightest weight, low energy consumption. Cost savings, contact with the sheave area, high wear resistance, uniform force, the use of less trouble. The disadvantage is easy to bend.

3. Flat wire rope due to the use of hand-woven, manufacturing complex, low productivity, which is mostly replaced by a circular non-rotating wire rope.

4. But the advantages of using flat wire ropes in mine lifting equipment can not be replaced by any other kind of wire rope. This is because when a round wire rope is used to lift the equipment, it is necessary to suspend the tail rope on the first rope so that the first rope remains balanced or the maximum and minimum tension of the head-to-tail rope is kept at a certain ratio.

5. Balanced rope unit length to have a larger weight, this should be used thick diameter wire rope, but the thick diameter of the rope rigidity, resulting in the diameter of the reel or sheave to increase, so that lifting equipment cumbersome.

6. Balance rope under the action of gravity by the torsional moment, in the promotion of round wire rope will produce tangles and failures. Therefore, the use of ordinary thick diameter wire rope for the balance rope is not desirable.

7. If the use of several smaller wire rope parallel to the use of, which is better than with a thick diameter wire rope, but the use of wire rope entanglement, increase the difficulty of maintenance, so that continuous operation is impossible.

8. If the wire rope embedded in the rubber made of flat tape, the performance and flat wire rope rather, but the tape in the rope easily separated from the rubber, the service life is short.


(1) steel wire: wire rope to bear the role of load, its performance is mainly determined by the wire. The steel wire is a round (or shaped) wire made of carbon or alloy steel by cold drawing or cold rolling, with high strength and toughness, and surface treatment of the wire according to the different environmental conditions.

(2) cord: it is used to increase the flexibility and toughness of the rope, lubricate the wire, reduce friction, improve the service life. Commonly used rope core organic fiber (such as hemp, cotton), synthetic fiber, asbestos core (high temperature conditions) or soft metal and other materials.