China 's Future Years The Direction Of Development Of Elevator Steel Wire Rope

  China 's future years the direction of development of Elevator Steel Wire Rope

  In recent years, the scale of China's elevator procurement increased year by year trend. According to statistics, the first half of this year, the country announced the elevator bid information 1220, the number of procurement projects than the same period last year increased by 320, the growth rate of 35%. Elevator Steel Wire Rope From the purchase amount of view, the first half of this year, the national public tender lift purchase amount of about 2.8 billion yuan, an increase of 800 million yuan over the same period last year, an increase of 40%. Whether the number of procurement projects or purchase amount, compared with the same period last year have a more substantial growth.

  Statistics show that in 2012, the national elevator production growth rate of 15%, production for the first time exceeded 50 million units. The development of the elevator industry basically depends on the development of real estate, real estate demand for the entire elevator industry demand of about 60% of the other elevator demand mostly from the subway, high-speed rail and other infrastructure, as well as large shopping malls and other cities, these needs are relatively stable. If the future of real estate (including commercial housing and affordable housing) large-scale shrinking, the elevator industry will decline. From a micro perspective, the level of per capita elevators in mainland China is still very low, compared with the human environment and the natural environment is relatively close to South Korea, China Taiwan compared to mainland China's largest elevator is expected to reach 9 million units. But by the end of 2012, China's mainland elevator stock is only 2.4 million units, there are 6.6 million units in increments, according to the annual sales of 500,000 units, can continue to grow 5 years to 8 years.

  The past two years, the scale of the purchase of elevators to achieve rapid growth, and around the protection of housing construction is closely related. It is understood that in 2013 the national plan to start a new 6 million sets of affordable housing, basically built 4.6 million units, Elevator Steel Wire Rope although the number of new construction and basic completion of the number are less than the previous two years, but some of the projects have been completed into the elevator tender stage, The basis for the growth of affordable housing purchase projects.

  According to incomplete statistics, with the public rental, Elevator Steel Wire Rope low-rent housing, affordable housing, resettlement housing and other affordable housing-related elevator project purchase amount of about half of the total purchase of the elevator project, affordable housing project is undoubtedly the elevator government procurement market The main force of scale growth. Analysis of the industry that the protection of housing are basically in accordance with the regional planning and construction, a construction area contains multiple communities, a single purchase of a larger scale, highlight the scale advantage.

  Compared with the past, in the first half of this year, the contents of the elevator procurement project more diversified, in addition to the traditional protection of housing, public transport, government offices and other elevator projects to maintain steady growth, the old ladder renovation and elevator maintenance projects increased significantly, Monthly involved in the elevator update, transformation, maintenance of procurement projects as little as 10, as many as twenty or thirty. The increase in such projects is one of the main reasons for the rapid growth of the number of elevator projects in the first half of the year.

  Overall, the elevator used steel are mostly ordinary Q235 steel, such as the rail and its fixed parts, the engine room power system part, the car part of the majority of the use of ordinary steel. In the interior of the car interior parts of the majority of stainless steel, its varieties are mirror, drawing surface, frosted surface, the color of rose gold, champagne gold and so on. This part of the steel demand in the market can be met.

  It is worth noting that the Elevator Steel Wire Rope products. Elevator Steel Wire Rope is an important safety components of the elevator, the elevator is safe, balanced, normal operation, and thus its quality requirements are very strict. Elevator Steel Wire Rope is mainly used for traction, safety balance rope and brake rope, etc., is generally a circular stock structure, mainly by the wire, rope and rope core composition. Steel wire is the basic composition of wire rope, requiring a high strength and toughness of steel wire; wire rope twisted by the wire, usually 6 shares to 8 shares; rope core is usually made of fiber sisal or olefins synthetic fiber. Industry sources said that at present, China's domestic products have been able to meet the performance requirements of the Elevator Steel Wire Rope, but only in terms of quality and stability to be further improved.