Electric Wire Rope Hoist In Use Of Some Note

1, and wire rope electric gourd in using process in the is strictly prohibited overload using, not should by impact, in strapping or hanging shipped needed real Shi, to note don't makes wire rope directly and objects of fast mouth ribs sharp phase contact, in they of contact at to pad to wood, canvas, and sacks or other liner real to prevent object of fast mouth edges damaged wire rope and produced equipment and life accident.

2, electric wire rope hoists in use must always check the strength and generally must be at least six months to conduct a comprehensive review or do strength test.

3, in the electric wire rope hoist, such as when there is a long enough must be connected with shackle, strictly prohibit the use of wire rope end through long thin wire rope lifting objects, lest the resultant shear force.

4, electric wire rope hoist pulley for wear, and there should be no rupture gap at its edges.