Elevator Steel Wire Rope Anti-corrosion Abrasion Resistance

Elevator Steel Wire Rope structure is mainly 8 * 19S + NF of the Xilu type structure as a traction rope to use, the choice of Xilu type is the advantage of thicker outer wire, wire rope in the process of frequent lifting and traction wheel contact, wear resistance; Second, the outer wire more than 450 # excellent line drawn into the rope wire, nominal tensile strength of 1370MPa, reducing the strength of the outer wire is to prevent damage to the traction wheel; inner wire 1770MPa, to improve the wire rope breaking tension ; For example: 8 * 19S + NF-13mm Xilu type wire rope cross section of each section of 1 +9 +9, the core plus the first layer plus the second layer of a total of 19 steel wire composition: the center of a wire, ф1. 2mm, the inner wire 9, ф0.6mm, outer wire 9 ф1.05mm. Outer wire diameter than the inner diameter of the wire, so also known as the outer rough wire rope.

Most of the new factory wire rope has been lubricated at the time of production, and the working principle of the elevator wire rope is normally the case. But in the use of the process, the grease will be reduced. In view of the lubrication not only on the wire rope during transport and storage play a role in preserving maintenance, but also to reduce the use of wire between the wire, between the rope and the rope and the traction groove between the wear, and the use of extended wire rope Life is also very useful. Therefore, in order to erosion, wear on the hazards of wire rope to a minimum level, the lubrication inspection is necessary. First of all, we must choose the appropriate steel rope lubricating grease, elevator steel rope lubricating grease should be used with a certain coefficient of friction of the friction grease, high-performance steel wire rope lubricating steel wire rope is to maintain the fundamental guarantee of life. Wire rope at work, the internal three-dimensional direction of the micro-friction, which requires a steel wire rope grease must have a strong osmotic function that lubricants can be lubricants in the anti-wear agent components can penetrate into each wire Above, elevator wire rope specifications. The same time as

In addition, the elevator wire rope grease must also have a strong adhesion function. To ensure that its average adhesion to each wire rope. Usually there are several ways to lubricate the wire rope is to remove the wire rope, put the temperature of 80100 degrees in the lubricating oil soak for about 24 hours, the other is a brush with a lubricant directly brush on the rope, the hub is Brushing method and distance to grasp, in general, about 12mm diameter wire rope, about 40 meters each painted about 1 kg of lubricating grease, brushing distance in about two weeks; another is the use of special steel rope lubrication equipment The steel wire is lubricated, this method is the most convenient, but the equipment has higher interest. What kind of lubricant and lubrication method should be used in detail should be based on the requirements of the rope manufacturer. At present, the elevator maintenance unit is really looking at the steel wire rope lubrication maintenance is not much, many units have been accustomed to replacing the new wire rope, without focusing on lubrication management. This is only one aspect of the requirements for safe use of the wire rope. In addition, the external requirements of the use of wire ropes such as: the appearance of the traction wheel groove wear, wheel groove geometry to check to ensure that the rope during the operation so that it is always in good contact to reduce the friction To ensure the safe operation of the elevator.