Elevator Steel Wire Rope Working Principle Introduction

Elevator Steel Wire Rope, that is, used in the elevator rope. Among them, the most used small manned elevator, commercial residential area, we talk about the elevator wire rope profile, the elevator wire rope generally use 8 * 19S-FC-8mm8 * 19S-10mm while the mall is slightly larger elevator rope 12mm13mm mall Carriers elevator, 12mm13mm16mm diameter elevator rope.

Elevator rope works, under normal circumstances. However, the use of lubricating grease will reduce the loss. In view of the fact that lubrication not only serves as preservative protection of the rope during transport and storage but also reduces the wear between the ropes, between the strands and between the rope and traction sheave during use of the rope, Life is also very useful. Therefore, in order to reduce the risk of erosion and wear on the wire rope to the lowest level, the lubrication inspection is necessary. First of all, we must choose the appropriate wire rope lubricants, elevator wire rope lubricants should have a certain friction coefficient of special friction grease, high-performance steel wire rope grease is to maintain the basic guarantee of the wire rope to extend the life of wire rope. Wire rope at work, the internal rendering of the three-dimensional direction of the fretting friction, which requires wire rope grease must have a strong penetration of oozing out of the lubricating grease that allows anti-wear components can penetrate into each wire Above, elevator wire rope specifications.

In addition, the elevator wire rope grease must also have a strong adhesion function. To ensure that it is evenly adhered to each wire rope. Often, there are several ways to lubricate the steel wire rope. One is to dismantle the steel wire rope, soak in lubricating oil with a temperature of 80100 degrees for about 24 hours, and the other is to brush the lubricant directly on the steel wire rope with a brush. The hub is Brushing method and the distance to grasp, in general, about 12mm diameter wire rope, brushing about every 40 meters about 1 kg of grease, brushing distance of about two weeks; the other is the use of special wire rope lubrication equipment Lubrication of wire ropes, this method is the most economical, but the interest of equipment is higher. Which lubricant and lubrication method should be adopted in detail should be determined according to the requirements of the manufacturer of the wire rope. At present elevator maintenance units really face up to steel wire rope lubrication maintenance is not a lot, many units have been accustomed to replacing the new wire rope, without paying attention to lubrication control. This is just one aspect of the safe use of wire rope. In addition, the external prerequisites for the use of wire ropes, such as the appearance of wear on the wheel sheaves and the geometric dimensions of the wheel grooves, must also be checked to ensure that the ropes are always in good contact during operation to reduce friction Ensure the safe operation of the elevator.