Galvanized Steel Wire Rope Daily Inspection

  Galvanized steel wire rope daily inspection

  Since galvanized steel wire rope not only bear the load, fatigue, wear, and the working environment is bad, so the use of routine maintenance and inspection is very important. The main contents of maintenance and inspection are as follows:

  1, regularly coated with galvanized steel wire rope with rust and lubrication of the role of grease.

  2, regular removal of galvanized steel wire rope surface with dust and other impurities in the grease.

  3, daily inspection and record galvanized steel wire rope wear, broken wire, corrosion, grease, deformation, diameter and other abnormalities.

  4, galvanized steel wire rope should be used before the inspection. When the galvanized steel wire rope wear, broken wire, broken strand, corrosion, stretching, bending, deformation, fatigue, diameter, rope to reveal the degree of the relevant provisions of the replacement rules, the timely replacement of new rope.

  Galvanized steel wire rope maintenance Note:

  Galvanized steel wire rope and the use of the use of a great relationship, it should be done according to the provisions of the ban, dragging, throwing, the use of overloading, are not allowed to galvanized steel rope sharp angle bending, not allowed to change dramatically Lifting speed, to avoid the impact load;

  Galvanized steel wire rope with rust and dirt, with a wire brush to paint and oil

  Galvanized steel wire rope every 4 months using oil, oil is best to use hot oil (50 ℃ or so) soaked cord, and then wipe excess oil;

  Galvanized steel wire rope should be placed after a clean and dry place, not overlapping stacking to prevent sprains;

  Galvanized steel wire rope ends with steel wire or with low melting point alloy welding can also be used iron hoop tight, so as not to loose rope;

  In use, galvanized steel wire rope surface if the oil droplets out, that galvanized steel wire rope has been subjected to considerable strength, then should stop increasing the load, and check, if necessary, replace the new galvanized steel wire rope.