Galvanized Steel Wire Rope In The Use Of Maintenance Is Very Important To Do This Work

  Galvanized steel wire rope in the use of maintenance is very important to do this work, not only to extend the service life, but also to improve work efficiency and prevent accidents. In the course of the use of maintenance, mainly refers to the galvanized steel wire rope lubrication and anti-rust oil.

  Galvanized steel wire rope lubrication

  Galvanized steel wire rope in the manufacture of enough oil, but after the operation, the oil will gradually reduce, and galvanized steel wire rope surface will occupy dust, debris and other dirt, causing galvanized steel wire rope and rope wear and galvanized The rope is rusty and therefore should be cleaned and refueled regularly. The simple method is to use the wire brush and other corresponding tools to wipe the surface of the galvanized steel wire dust and other dirt, the melting of the galvanized steel wire surface coated with grease evenly coated on the surface of galvanized steel wire rope.

  In the production process, we will lubricate the galvanized steel wire rope so that the wire and the wire inside the wire can be automatically adjusted with the movement and bending of the galvanized steel wire rope. However, the lubrication of the production process can not ensure that the galvanized steel wire rope in the entire life cycle of full lubrication. Therefore, regular lubrication of galvanized steel wire rope during service life is of the utmost importance.

  During the operation, the surface of the rope will cover the soil, stone chips or other substances. This will prevent the application of lubricating oil from penetrating into the galvanized steel wire rope, so it is necessary to clean the galvanized steel wire rope before lubrication.

  Lubricants used should be low consistency, so as to penetrate into the core. There are usually three kinds of lubrication: drip, spray, hand brush. No matter what the way, should be galvanized steel wire rope bend, such as the trough, the lubrication. We recommend that you use the lubricating oil at the top of the bend because the strand in the position is stretched by bending and is more permeable. In addition, in the commercial can also be pressurized lubrication way. The service life of galvanized steel wire rope is directly related to the effectiveness of the lubrication method and lubrication quantity.

  Proper lubrication must be able to reduce friction, prevent corrosion, and adhere to each wire. At the same time must be flexible, cold without cracks or cracks, no heat dripping. Avoid excessive use of galvanized steel wire, because it will galvanized steel wire rope and attached to the hard objects friction, thus damaging galvanized steel wire rope. Also use the used machine lubricants, because it contains damage to galvanized steel wire rope material. If the situation is special, you can specify that we use special lubricants in our production.