How To Use The Galvanized Steel Wire Rope For Scientific Maintenance

  How to use the Galvanized Steel Wire Rope for scientific maintenance

  Suitable for the maintenance of the crane rope, Galvanized Steel Wire Rope to allow its life to be extended, and how should we carry out its scientific maintenance?

  First of all, in the course of our use can not let its overload state put into use, and can not let the product in a short period of time to drastically change, not to quickly lift speed, to avoid some impact and impact behavior. The length of service life of the product and the use of their own very close relationship, we must use the process in accordance with the provisions put into use, can not have drag and throw the behavior of the operation.

  Secondly, if the crane rope above the oil and more, Galvanized Steel Wire Rope then we should also wipe it. But also after we have a good place in the more clean and dry place to store, can not overlap each other, nor can it be sprained behavior. In the use of Galvanized Steel Wire Rope in the process, if the product found on the surface of oil droplets, then it shows the power of the product is too large, the need for timely replacement of a new job.