Specification For Steel Wire Rope And Chain Sling Safe Use

1, operations must be based on hanging weight, what kind of switches and other suitable slings.

2, no welding, punching in the hook, hook surface must be smooth, without cracks.

3, prohibited the use of dangerous section wear reaches the size of 10%, the hook opening smaller than the original size 15%, torsional deflection over 10%, the dangerous sections have plastic hooks or neck. Plate hook bushing wear up to size of 50%, should be scrapped liner. Plate hook spindle wear up to size of 5%, should scrap the mandrel.

Part 4, plug wire ropes steel wire rope should be treated with 6x37. Knitted insert length of not less than 20 times times the nominal diameter of the wire rope, and shall not be less than 300mm, latches should be retro rings. Knitted insert wire rope strength shall be calculated according to the 70% of the original rope strength.

Level 5, slings angle should be greater than 45 °.

6, when you use a clasp, clasp the lateral force is strictly prohibited, you must check whether the closing pin tighten before lifting. Not use crack, deformation of the clasp. Welding repair method to fix the snap ring is strictly prohibited.

7, where any of the following circumstances the wire rope may not continue to use it. ① broken unit or using Shi broken silk speed increases; II in a section from within of broken silk number over total silk number of 10%; ③ appeared twist twist knot, and died bent, and pressure flat, and unit pine obviously, and wave shaped, and wire outside fly, and rope core extrusion and broken unit, phenomenon; II wire rope diameter reduced 7%~10%; ⑤ wire rope surface wire wear or corrosion degree, reached surface wire diameter of 40% above, or wire rope was corrosion Hou, surface Ma marks clear visible, whole root wire rope obviously variable hard.

8, using the new Sling should be checked before their certificates, and load test, check the security. Taizhou Poseidon slings lifting slings production of a variety of steel allowed weight as follows: wire rope diameter (unit: mm) wire rope diameter allowed load

9.30.6312.51.1115.51.7418.52.5223.41254.459, different specifications of the chain load weights as follows: chain steel diameter (unit: mm) chain diameter permissible load weight 112.2123.3165.1186.4208.0

10, the chain must have a smooth and clean surface, if there are any cracks, flat, rust and other prohibited uses. 11, the chain link repair (welding or forging), must be approved by annealing and stress test before use.