Steel Wire Rope Sling And The Quality Of Material, Manufacturing Process Of Steel Wire Rope

Material is the key to quality of steel wire rope of wire rope. Steel wire, steel materials, including several aspects: a chemical composition, content and impurity elements such as carbon content.

Other inclusions in steels, namely some small non-metallic particles such as sulphide, nitride, oxide inclusions in steel. Chemical composition of overweight, and mixed too much impact on the steel wire rope is fatal.

A third aspect of the material is the final State. Crystal structure change in the process of steel, grain size and direction will change, end state will determine the mechanical properties of steel, and the final State is closely related to the process.

Wire in the rolling process to experience all kinds of distortion, temperature and cooling. Improper processing will make the wire's mechanical strength and mechanical properties do not meet expected requirements, there are many possible processing defects. Wire drawing process, the correct mold taper, lubricant type and cooling curves is to ensure wire rope when the drawing is complete and accurately meet the requirements of the diameter and tensile strength. If the process argument is wrong, it is possible to produce wire tensile strength requirements of far, possibly even caused small wire pulled and micro-cracks, it will bring serious impact on the life of steel wire rope.

Effect of processing technology on quality of wire rope is also reflected in the Cabling process. In order to ensure the wires in the wire rope can work together in force requiring stranding and twisting rope in the process, the tightness of each wire. If the Cabling cannot control each wire tension, larger wire is bound to some tension on the wire rope during use in the future to bear more of the load than other steel wire, which will be broken. Austria rope factory closing machine automatic tension control device installed on your computer is set up for this purpose.