The Daily Maintenance Of The Elevator Steel Wire Rope

  The daily maintenance of the Elevator Steel Wire Rope

  1, because the Elevator Steel Wire Rope is composed of a number of wire (for example: 8 * 19S structural wire rope from the 152 with the wire composition), in the working state, the Elevator Steel Wire Rope bending produced by the relative slip will produce a lot of friction, Wire rope special grease can ensure that the wire rope and traction wheel friction under the premise of reducing the friction between the wire, effectively extending the life of the rope.

  2, all the Elevator Steel Wire Rope has been a special spraying process for the initial lubrication, all steel wire surface is covered with lubrication layer, such as the installation of the wire rope surface after the clean-up, to be timely lubrication of the wire rope.

  3, to regularly clean the surface of the wire rope maintenance (such as half a year or run 100,000 times, depending on the use of the environment, the frequency increase or decrease), in the maintenance of cleaning agents do not use a class of liquid to clean the wire rope, otherwise it will affect the rope The core of the oil content and grease composition, thereby affecting the normal use of wire rope.

  4, in the cleaning and maintenance of wire rope should use the brush, cotton yarn, compressed air and so on the surface of the wire rope to clean up, clean up the wire rope, the use of wire rope special grease in time on the surface of the wire rope appropriate oil treatment.

  5, excessive lubrication will make the wire rope and the traction wheel between the friction can not be guaranteed, the wire rope surface should be thin and uniform (according to the company's oil requirements, different coating).

  Remember: Elevator Steel Wire Rope can not be used in the absence of oil, without lubrication of the rope will seriously affect the rope and traction wheel life.