The Elevator Steel Wire Rope Is Changed Once A Few Years

  The Elevator Steel Wire Rope is changed once a few years

  Elevator Steel Wire Rope replacement for several years, due to the use of frequent, load status and maintenance is in place and other factors, the elevator traction rope is not scrapped time limit.

  But there are scrapped standards, GB7588.TSGT7001 regulations:

  The traction compensation wire rope should be scrapped when one of the following conditions occurs:

  (1) appear cage distortion, rope core extrusion kink, part of the flattened, bending;

  (2) broken wire appears in the entire wire rope, any one of the twist within the single strand of the number of broken wire more than 4; or broken wire concentrated in a part of the wire rope or a strand of a total number of broken wire more than 12 (For 6 shares) or more than 16 (for 8 shares)

  (3) After wear, the diameter of the wire rope is less than 90% of the rope diameter.

  Therefore, the use of reasonable rope product structure, can be appropriate to extend the life of the elevator

  There are two kinds of anti-corrosion measures: oil and corrosion.

  All steel wire rope must be oiled. The fiber core is soaked in oil, requiring grease to protect the fiber core from rotting, not corroding the steel wire, Elevator Steel Wire Rope moisturizing the fiber, and lubricating the wire from the inside. The surface of the oil so that all the steel wire rope surface are evenly coated with a layer of anti-rust grease, which friction to enhance the mine and the mine with a large rope, to Tujia grinding and strong water resistance of black oil; Coated with strong film, good anti-rust performance of the oil, and the oil layer is thin, easy to keep in the course of operation clean.

  The coating is galvanized, aluminized, coated with nylon or plastic. Galvanized and the steel wire is first plated after the pull of the thin coating and wire after the galvanized thick coating, thick coating mechanical properties than the smooth steel wire rope has been reduced, Elevator Steel Wire Rope should be used in serious corrosive environment. Galvanized steel wire rope is more resistant to corrosion, wear and heat resistance than galvanized steel wire rope. It is mainly used for fishery trawl vessels and H2S-containing mines. Coated nylon or plastic wire rope sub-rope and Tu shares after the two kinds of rope. The former is used for the trunks, Elevator Steel Wire Rope the latter for the cable.