The Influence Factors Of The Life Of The Elevator Steel Wire Rope

  The influence factors of the life of the Elevator Steel Wire Rope

  There are many factors that affect the life of the Elevator Steel Wire Rope:

  First of all from the elevator traction wheel, tElevator Steel Wire Rope he elevator traction wheel if the material is too strong, the strength is too high than the strength of the rope, then the steel wire will cause mechanical wear; in addition to the traction wheel rope slot, The mouth allows the wire rope to coincide with the notch so that the wire produces less external and internal squeezing forces, which are less affected by the service life due to wear;

  Second, the elevator in the course of the operation, the Elevator Steel Wire Rope will be numerous bending, so the Elevator Steel Wire Rope rope bending coefficient must be high, Elevator Steel Wire Rope too low bending value will cause damage to the wire rope, a direct impact on the life of the rope; Elevator Steel Wire Rope rope generally use 45 # -60 # between the wire, wire rope strength maintained at 1500MPa, or 1370 / 1770MPa;

  Third, the dynamic process of running on the impact of the wire rope is also large, if the cable bearing capacity is inconsistent, it will cause the wire rope ahead of the phenomenon of stranded.