What Causes And Treatment Of Elevator Steel Wire Rope Slip?

What causes and treatment of Elevator Steel Wire Rope slip?

Elevator Steel Wire Rope slip is usually the following reasons:

1. Ladders on the surface of the elevator wire are too much, resulting in a decrease in the coefficient of friction with the groove.

2. The surface of the Elevator Steel Wire Rope wears seriously, resulting in reduced diameter and reduced friction.

3. The material of the groove does not match the strength ratio of the steel wire rope, which causes one of the two to wear too fast and reduce the friction coefficient. (WeChat public number: elevator)

4. The gravitational pressure applied to the groove is not sufficient, resulting in insufficient pressure on the wire rope after contact with the groove, thereby reducing the coefficient of friction.


(1) Check whether the rope surface is smooth, the Elevator Steel Wire Rope lying in the rope groove depth is consistent. The method is to align the ruler along the axial direction of the tail wheel, and then measure the distance from the vertex of the wire rope to the ruler. When the gap reaches 1.5mm, (WeChat public: elevator) should be re-turning or replacement traction wheel.

(2) Check whether the Elevator Steel Wire Rope in the rope slot and skidding. When the gap between the wire rope and the bottom of the groove is reduced to 1mm, the rope groove is to be re-turned. Rope groove in the incision under the edge of the thickness, when the wire rope diameter φ13mm should not be less than φ12.5mm; when the wire diameter φ16mm should not be less than φ15.5mm.

(3) When turning the rope groove, please check that the ratio of the diameter of the traction wheel to the diameter of the wire rope should be greater than 40.

(4) Elevator Steel Wire Rope slightly slippery, the industry has a trailing wheel groove at the end of a narrow shallow groove treatment methods to solve the problem of slippery effect is obvious. However, this will lead to deterioration of the wire rope force, not long-term use.

(5) Wash the elevator wire with diesel oil